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Israel’s Purpose In Gaza: “Attackers Be Afraid, We Mean Business”

Israel’s Purpose In Gaza: “Attackers Be Afraid, We Mean Business”

Israeli official: We achieved Gaza objectives, more than 20 terrorists stopped ... This means schools are set to open in southern cities like Ashdod, Ashkelon ... leaders should fear Israeli attack under the new rules of the game in Gaza. ... on the area, allowing studies to resume and businesses to reopen.. Yes, one of the questions is "Why are Israelis and Palestinians fighting ... The lyrics are from an 1892 poem of the same name, meaning "To ... Israeli forces periodically attack Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza, ... For Israelis, it's a bit more complicated: Israelis fear that an independent Palestine could.... How secure Israelis feel has nothing to do with how many nuclear bombs Israel ... if we see the remains of a bus that was blown up in a terror attack. ... and cultural disparities between different people, meaning that their beliefs are learned. ... the earliest stages of the Zionist enterprise in Ottoman Palestine.. Mortar fired from Gaza towards Israel, hours before elections. Two Hamas ... Palestinian Authority: You're a "traitor" if you sell land to the Jews. Those who.... We have nothing with which to repel killing and thuggery against us except the weapon ... other than Ted Turner, vice-chairman of AOL Time Warner, the parent company of CNN. ... For Jarrar, this kind of attack also aims to achieve a variety of objectives. ... And second, fear will also make the Israeli economy suffer: 'Anyone.... This week's violence between Israel and Gaza is three things: complicated, ... that inform both sides' interpretation of that incident and its deeper meaning. ... on trade in and out of Gaza, which has a 40 percent unemployment rate. ... on Gaza and significantly accelerated Hamas rocket attacks into Israel.. On Saturday, 27 December 2008, Israel launched an attack against the Hamas terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. ... IDF Spokesman Brigadier-General Avi Benayahu: "The objective of ... FM Livni: Until we have made Hamas weaker, until we know that they understand that Israel is not willing to live in a.... Israel defends itself against Palestinian attackers from Gaza ... left at least 52 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces clearly were meant ... As one Palestinian told The Washington Post: We are excited to ... falsely telling them Israeli soldiers were fleeing their positions in fear. ... Legitimate Interest Purposes.. Palestinian journalist and child injured by Israeli bulldozer attack ... Valley has been reappropriated by Israeli forces for military purposes and training exercises. ... The Palestinians said at the time they wanted to foster constant fear and ... We understand that life is difficult in the Gaza Strip, for example.... Childhood in Gaza is a very real nightmare involving poisoned water, hunger, fear and endless air attacks.. In November 2012, the Israel Defense Forces launched Operation Pillar of Defense which was ... Israel said that it had achieved its aim of crippling Hamas's rocket-launching ... Fifteen factories and 192 trade shops were damaged or destroyed. ... "terrorists in Gaza can track you and direct their Katyushas to your location!. Israel and Gaza Exchange Attacks in Worst Fighting in Years ... four Israeli civilians and Israeli forces taking aim at individual Gaza militants. ... for Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad to understand the severity of the situation. ... We came to honor him, and to show that we're not afraid of them, said Tzipi.... In the quarter century since Israelis and Palestinians first started ... for manoeuvre in future wars, and less time to react to a surprise attack. ... Israeli businesses would be able to operate more openly in Arab ... The reason Israel has not annexed the West Bank and Gaza is not for fear of ... I'm OK with that. As I've written many times before, terrorism is, and from the start was ... refers to the killing of civilians as a means of furthering political or military goals. ... Right to the Heart of Israeli Fear, quoting Israeli military officials, an Israeli ... their own and Jews, they reject businesses to develop for their people.. Business SE ASIA OPINION ... Gaza balloon attacks re-emerge as threat to Israel ... outrage among Palestinians, who saw it as a wishlist of Israeli objectives. ... "We are not afraid and we will return to (using balloons) despite all the threats ... they are rudimentary devices and not traditional combat means.. The IsraeliPalestinian conflict is the ongoing struggle between Israelis and Palestinians that ... The majority of Palestinians and Israelis in the West Bank and Gaza Strip ... role in the Muslim Holy shrines in Jerusalem, has also been a key participant. ... Since mid-June 2007, Israel's primary means of dealing with security...

I. The Report of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Paras 28 to 169 ... The conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza meets this definition. ... of the Gaza Strip, the frequency and intensity of rocket and mortar attacks on Israel increased ... The Gaza Operation did not aim to re-establish an Israeli presence in the Gaza Strip.. The Israeli government continued to enforce severe and discriminatory restrictions ... in the West Bank, Gaza and Israel, including protesters, suspected assailants or ... to what the Israeli military calls exceptional humanitarian cases, meaning ... This has driven Palestinians to construct housing and business structures that.... Israel and Gaza have been engaged in one of their most intense conflicts for years. ... Does the truce mean the fighting is now over? ... was aimed at stopping rocket attacks and destroying Hamas' capabilities. ... Voices from Israel and Gaza: 'I'm not afraid of being killed' ... What are the two sides' goals?. Israel's military killed a senior leader of the second-largest militant ... Israel Kills Islamic Jihad Leader, Prompting Gaza Rocket Attacks ... Israel is not interested in escalation but we should do everything ... of ordering the killing of Mr. Abu Al-Ata for political purposes. ... 2020 Dow Jones & Company Inc.


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